Hey God, it’s me! I’m here to pray for my future husband, whoever he is. I know that You’re having me wait awhile to meet him and to be honest, sometimes I get tired of waiting! But I know that if waiting is Your will for me, then the waiting is good because it purifies my heart and helps me lean on and trust in You more and more as my Lord and Savior. So, here goes:

Dear Lord Jesus,

I pray that You will guard and protect my future husband. Please watch over him and guide him in Your ways. I pray that You will help him grow and develop a true, manly spirit. Please help my future husband grow in godliness. Please develop his character so that he becomes more and more like You every day. I pray that you help him develop leadership qualities so that he can lead our future married life according to Your will. I pray that he turns to You and seeks You in prayer for all aspects of his life. Please bless his work life and give him the strength and determination he will need to do Your will in the workplace (and in all other aspects of his life). Lord, please help him cultivate a spirit of love, patience, strength, purity, and wisdom. I pray that You shape him into the man that You want him to be. I pray that You help him grow into the man that is perfectly suited to me as my husband. I know that You know best what kind of man I will need.

Also Lord, please shape me into the kind of woman and wife that he will need. Shape me into the most perfectly suited helpmeet for him. Please help me grow in love, wisdom, and strength so I can support him and lift him up in our future married life. I pray that you cultivate in me the qualities of a godly woman, any qualities You think I will need to bless him and others. Please fill me with Your love and light so that I can spread it to others and to my future husband when we’re finally together.

And lastly, Lord Jesus, please guide Future Hubby’s steps to find me when You deem that the time is right. Please keep all counterfeits (a.k.a. guys that are not Future Hubby) away so that I can rest and wait peacefully in You and develop my relationship with You as I wait for him and afterwards. I will continue to pray for him and I hope that he is praying for me as well. I know that everything will go according to Your plan and that I need not worry. Thank You Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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